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    Enjoy of our projects
    Each project is part of our life
    Our success is the result of the enthusiasm with which we face each new challenge

Emotion / Ilusion / Magic

we provide a safe value


Who we are
We are a creative , restless and growing family. Audiovisual and fans with an amazing feedback on our first projects , we decided to create our own brand thelopez.
What we do
We make our own film projects in collaboration with different brands in order to create emotions in the products they advertise and later viralice it in social media.
Why choose us
Collaborate with thelopez poses no risk . We offer turnkey projects and maintain our contacts informed of their progress to achieve a unique result. We adapt to suggestions and, above all , we do it with great enthusiasm.

TheLopez Family

Meet the Team


What we offer

Visual turnkey projects


In thelopez we take care of all the details of our projects. We look for songs that fit our ideas to start creating the Storyboarding . We spend a lot of time to generate their own video animations each . Our issues go to the rhythms . The most important thing that identifies us is that each video generates emotions in users .
Our projects are born with a very simple idea , do something that makes us enjoy the team and then the end user can enjoy . These lines mark the outset a roadmap with our partners .
The project does not end in the delivery of video or photo shoot. In thelopez we like that the result is excellent. We help viralizar content on social networks. Influencers contacted so they can hang on their websites .


Success stories


"Work in collaboration with thelopez is a safe bet. Creative, passionate and with good material. A great pleasure!"
Javier Estevez - Cofounder en Carrick Bracelets
"Professionalism, sensitivity, teamwork, success and, above all, naturally. Thelopez, a family that gives great time!"
Communications Department in Bugaboo España
"Work with TheLopez is easy. It has fresh and creative ideas, always to the latest technical knowledge and a response capacity. All contributions we have made with him have given more than satisfactory results, and look forward to many more!"
Maite Ortega, Social Media Manager in El Bebé Aventurero, EasyWalker España
"The experience of creating an experience. It was great working with Nacho and his "Lopez Family", it did not take more than two sentences to cross that capture what I wanted to symbolize our product and translate it into a video, which more than a visual piece, is an experience that gets to move and reaching customers emphasizing all its advantages in the form of smile of a public that is becoming more demanding."
Jose Pascual - Marketing Director Micuna
“Working with Ignacio is very simple, it is very proactive and witty. It also keeps informed with all the advances, taking it very seriously and with great professionalism”
Inés, GIC for Stokke
"It was a pleasure working with Ignacio in such special events such as weddings. Thank you very much for betting on our client Fujifilm Spain and its instant cameras. Many hits for thelopez!"
Cristina Alsina - CEO Viral Comunicació
"It has been very rewarding to work with The Lopez Family, and the excellent result. A video with the collaboration of the whole family and where the affection with which they treat the product Baby Bites reflected. We would definitely return to collaborate with them ;-)"
Director of Communications en Baby Bites

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